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Poet/student/nerd. Living in Japan. Writing about love, relationships and emotions.

Image by Wallace Chuck from pexels

“I have met different women, I have been around,
But today I came to realize one thing you have taught,
Nobody could love me, the way that you have loved.
Want to know how I am? Parties, alcohol and fights.
I remember calling you dirty and the stupidest slut.
Though was scared to see you in child like tears
Remember I said I hate you
But still came back to your feet.
I travelled the world alone, my wallet full of credit cards
But today I had a dream, and it made me go nuts.
I called you to say that I miss you and will come this afternoon,
You tell…

Image by Jordan Benton from pexels

Because I need to fix some issues
Or try to get over them at last.
I need to find answers to where did I do wrong
I need to take my chances and walk through this fog.
I need to let little me know that future won't be easy,
I need to be covering myself for winter that will be freezing,
I need to teach myself to stop looking for a meaning
I need to look myself in the eye and say enough of this weeping.
I need a teacher to teach me all these things,
I need someone to tell me it is okay sometimes to trip,
And fall…

A poem

Image by Flora Westbrook from pexels

Hi everyone! I enjoy writing kind of a “response poetry” to my favorite poems from famous writers, and here is another one! This time I chose famous Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet and his poem “I Think Now You’re Just Like Everybody Else. Firstly, here are his words:

My eyes don’t see the love in your eyes.
My heart doesn’t receive the love from them.
I’ve already exhausted my soul, take, exhaust it a little more.
Because I think you’re just like everybody else now.
Though last night I was waiting for you to come,
today I’m running away from you secretly.
See, I’d looked into my…

A poem

Image by Jeffrey Czum from pexels

Try not to make a scene, leave she says.
Keep your dignity and pride, don’t let another soul
Ever see you cry.
Break hearts, but never promise to love someone hard
Don’t drive yourself crazy with thoughts of her at night.
Be angry, be mad, but never show a sign
Of vulnerable mind,
Or wasted time
Of feelings that were divine.
And no matter how much it hurts,
Never ever change your mind.
Leave. I say, leave, don’t ever look back
She is standing there with someone else
And holding their hand.
Don’t dare to say another word
In order to cause some pain.
She will feel it in other ways,
Like when she sees a…

A poem

Image by vishnudeep dixit from pexels

I hope,
That when I look back in the future
And see bits and pieces of love
Scattered throughout the surface of a platform called “broken heart”
I find good excuses for all that I have done.
Because when you possess the heart of another
When they give you all they have and you accept it with grace and say “ I will love you forever”
You wish you would have known better than giving away promises like it is New Year,
Or whatever.
You wish you had your life figured out ahead of you
Months and years stretched out like a war plan, executed one by one, so you…

Olivia Th

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